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Thursday, May 11, 2023

I Like Thursdays 5-11-23

Welcome to I Like Thursdays, hosted by the fabulous LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color. This week I liked the roses that bloom only once a year outside our bedroom closet window. I love these pretty pink small blooms. This bush was here when we moved in, and we would not have planted it right next to this huge crape myrtle. We decided not to move it, because the tree and rose roots are likely entangled.

We liked this cake a little bit too much. I was craving cake and frosting, so I used a spice cake mix and made my own frosting. The cake mix was pretty strong with spices, but by day 2 the spices had mellowed. Still, I will make my own spice cake from scratch next time. The frosting was delicious - salted butter, cream cheese, my own caramel sauce, a little milk, a pinch of salt, caramel extract, and powdered sugar.

My favorite like this week was the Coronation of King Charles III. I am a helpless anglophile and love all the pageantry, pomp, tradition, history, and color associated with British royalty. I loved the clothes and the detail and the meaning behind each element - from jewelry to the exquisite embroidery designs. I loved the horses and the royal military uniforms and the carriages. The history behind the Coronation Chair just blew my mind. I felt very grateful to be able to witness this extraordinary day of history.

LeeAnn's suggested prompt for the week:

Do you have a favorite musical style?  For fun:  what kind of music calms you, makes you want to dance, or stimulates you creatively?

I like many kinds of music, from worship, classical, country, pop, and  oldies to soul, and even some of the tamer "rap" songs make me tap my foot. My Dad played a great variety of music at home and Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue was (and is) a favorite. We attended concerts by The Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra - a great experience for a teen. Oldies from the 1960s and the pop and soul music of the 1970s and 80s - that's my jam! Certain songs give me feelings I associate with times in the past and instantly connects me to memories of being in high school or college, and certain times of our married life.

I tend toward music with minor chords ending with a major chord - I found out this is called a Picardy Third, and it is beautifully illustrated at the end of The Beatles "And I Love Her". You can hear more about that here. I am also very fond of songs that have a triumphant end, such as a The Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus - I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

I don't play music when I sew, because it distracts me by making me want to dance - lol! Songs like  "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and Blame It On The Boogie by the Jackson Five make me bob my head and move around in the sewing chair too much to get any sewing done.

Say Something music video with Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton

Two of my favorite music videos are Thriller by Michael Jackson (I love the dancing as well as the music) and a video done by Justin Timberlake collaborating with Chris Stapleton called Say Something. This video was shot in one take in the Bradbury building in LA, and the timing is incredible. It involves acoustic guitars, a 54-voice choir, and although the words are repetitive, the music has that minor quality I love. Timberlake and Stapleton singing and playing guitars walking through the building, joined finally by that choir, the harmony, that moody building with an atrium- I love all of it!

My husband and love country music and listen to Sirius "The Highway" on the road!
The Old Rugged Cross from the Cokesbury hymnal

Church hymns calm me - I could do a whole post about church hymns - a major part of my life!

How would you answer those questions? Be sure to check out LeeAnna's I Like Thursday post, where you will find a list of more happy and positive posts!


  1. it sounds like we have the same wide range of love of music - some find it hard that I can listen to "soft" rap and love to listen to Michael Jackson and all the others that you listen to - I find myself bopping around the sewing machine too - the cake looks wonderful! Love the roses

  2. Ooh that Justin Timberlake video is cool! I forget what an amazing musician he is. Loved reading all your thoughts about favorite music, Linda! And that rose is gorgeous! Too bad it only blooms right now. The coronation was so interesting to watch, but, boy, did those crowns look heavy!

  3. Your spice cake looks delicious! That was always my favourite cake that my Mom made.

  4. A wonderful post, Linda. I enjoyed reading it very much. It's almost supper time and your cake made my mouth water. I seem to be wanting more sweets lately, not a good thing. Yes, I enjoyed the Coronation footage too. I thought little Princess Charlotte looked so lovely and seems so mature for her age. Darn, I forgot to mention church music in my post. I loved all the hymns and being United meant we learned all the old time ones from the Methodists. Anyway, hope you have a great weekend.

  5. I did not see much of the coronation but am doing a little catchup when I can. Love the spice cake and love seeing your beautiful roses. Music is such a wonderful gift and there are so many great genres!

  6. wonderful! Love the roses, and your decision to let them live with the other tree as they are happy.
    All the music info... minor chords, me too. Do you agree that camilla should be "queen" or think "queen consort" is more fitting... Prince Phillip was always consort. I love British pomp and history. I hope Charles steps up to the plate, he has a mighty position to fill considering his mother's reign and attention to duty.
    (to be honest, I never liked that Charles continued his affair with Camilla after he married Diana... not my place to judge but just an opinion on his character) L.A.

  7. The pink roses are fabulous.
    And, I also love a good solid old hymn! It's so refreshing (to someone old like me) when we sing one in the Sunday services.

  8. The roses are beautiful. The Hallelujah Chorus is amazing. I had an opportunity to sing it i a large church with a choir made up of ALL the churches in our area. (My Dad claimed that the final note reverberated for a full 21 seconds after we finished.) I had to go look at the Coronation Chair - cool history! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Linda - that cake is right up my alley - I like spice cake, and anything with cream cheese gets my vote.

    I wish I had watched the Coronation, especially since my husband is from the UK and we are here now (arrived Wednesday). We had only a short time between two trips and I couldn't find the time for it. I hope to watch some highlights while we are here.

    I love Chris Stapleton, and will have to check out the video with Justin. Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Oh how exciting to be in the UK!! Glad to find a fellow Stapleton lover. ;)

    2. I can tell you are also Methodist! I love that song and love playing the old Hymns. Tucker Carson was interviewed earlier before FOX fired him and he wants our Country to be like it was in 1985. I agree, at least God was still a major factor in this country and our lives! Hugs

  10. Your rose bush is lovely! Very pretty pink buds. I didn't watch the coronation, but My Guy did, mainly because it was all that was on last weekend. I love your wide appreciation for music. There's a little bit of everything there. I love to have music on when I'm sewing, it helps me tune out the other stuff going on in the house (or it did when the kiddo lived at home). Have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  11. OMG!!! I adore this video!!! I was able to see Chris Stapleton in concert last summer, and while I am not a big country fan, he is a stellar musician. And Timberlake is a talent for sure. Thanks for the link.


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