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Thursday, June 29, 2023

June Happenings and I Like Thursdays

Is it surprising that I am longing for fall? The axis of the excessive heat-causing ridge has been directly over us and will slowly move east starting today to gradually give us a much needed break. Our forecast includes a chance of showers for several days - I like that!  I am joining LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color and other bloggers for I Like Thursdays!

We have put a lot of water on the back garden and front landscaping plants this past week. I like that so far there is no water restriction, and I like the tomatoes I see on the vines. The viney plants are too thick for me to get in for closeups, but trust me, there are some big ones!

The Littles were here last Monday and then again Friday to Sunday. Although it was too hot to be outside, they seemed to have a good time. We made cookies, picked cherry tomatoes, and talked about something to "sew" next time they visit. I like that they are so well behaved when they visit - Mommy says that is not the case at home!

My husband decided to build his own outdoor kitchen, and he and I both like the result! Now his Blackstone griddle, his grill, and our pizza oven have a new home. He also has an outdoor fridge around the corner of the left side - very convenient to reach out the patio door and grab a cold Coke!

LeeAnna's suggested prompt for today is:
"Do you like to attend State/County Fairs?
Tell us what kinds of things you like to do there."

Big Tex at the Texas State Fair
We visited the Tulsa State Fair when we were young, but I don't recall much about those times. When we moved near Dallas we went to the State Fair of Texas, with the 55ft "Big Tex" at the entrance. This usually coincided with the OU/Texas college football game "Red River Showdown" in October, which was our ultimate destination at the stadium near the fairgrounds. The OK State Fair in Oklahoma City was the last state fair we visited, in 2009.

We like to stroll part of the midway and see what is new, then we mosey to the farm animal exhibits to see the chickens and the pigs, then to the baking competitions, and finally ending up at a midway food booth to try some great fair food!

Do you enjoy state fairs?


  1. Pretty zinnias!
    Don't wish for fall yet! Enjoy some of those tomatoes that are waiting to turn red first!

  2. Your garden looks luscious. I'm sure the grands enjoy picking the smaller tomatoes. Your husband's outdoor kitchen is amazing. Better Homes and Gardens may want to come for a photo shoot at your house. Would you believe...I've never attended a state fair. We rarely missed our county fairs in Florida, though. Maybe things will be different in North Carolina.

  3. Great looking plants and that outside kitchen is wonderful. We have not hit 100 but had 98 today

  4. I definitely have fingers crossed that things cool down for you, and will put in for some rain, too! It has been hot and dry here in Colorado, too, but I think not as humid as you probably get. I'm so glad you enjoyed some time with your littles and that they are so good for you! How old are they now? That is an impressive outdoor kitchen for your husband! Does that mean he does all the cooking? Love Big Tex! The fair sounds fun!

  5. Your outdoor kitchen looks terrific! It's great for keeping the heat out of the house, too.

  6. Sorry about the heat, give me winter any. time. Lovely that you have so many bit tomatoes coming on. Yum.Love that outdoor kitchen, looking like it will make for good outdoor eating.

  7. Oh the heat can be miserable. We have had a cool, rainy, foggy time here in Maine. I have barely worn "summer clothes". Love the outdoor kitchen!

  8. Generally, I start longing for fall when the heat moves in, but I’m really enjoying summer this year. I think it’s because I love the long days. For the first time ever, last year, I found myself really hating that early darkness. I love your husband’s outdoor kitchen! I don’t have space for it in this house, but I certainly admire other people doing it.

  9. Linda - hope you get that relief from the heat! But it's good for the tomatoes, I reckon!

    I have never been to a state fair, only county ones. The Geauga County Fair, held near our former home in Cleveland, was a very extensive county fair, and it was always a highlight of the summer for me. My favorite event - the draft horse competitions - single draft horses and teams would compete through obstacle courses ... So entertaining! Happy Fourth of July to you!

  10. You mean we will have 2 more months of this lovely 100++++ weather! LOL. I am so ready for it to stop, we did make 100 here this week, but not as warm. Starting Thursday we get on the heat wave again!!! We are less than 6 months away from Christmas - does that help! Hope all is well. Love the outdoor kitchen. They are so popular! Hugs


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