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Saturday, July 1, 2023

A Quilt For Danny - Pieces Of The Santa Fe Trail Quilt Finish

Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail quilt

Jenni's new father-in-law Danny is on the right
In March our daughter and her now-husband John took a trip to Abilene to meet his Dad. John ended up surprising Jenni with a JP wedding (read about it here), and her new father-in-law, Danny, was their witness. On that trip, Jenni had a quilt with her that I had made for her to donate to John's former church which they attended on Sunday, and when Danny saw the quilt he said "I'd sure like to have a quilt too!" Jenni and Danny instantly bonded, and she asked me if I would mind starting a lap quilt for him. Of course I would love to! I chose fabrics and a pattern and began to cut a few pieces. But for some reason the fabrics and the pattern did not feel right, so it all got shuffled aside as I worked on other projects.

The recent When Pigs Fly Challenge (see all the projects right here) gave me an opportunity to look at UFOs and I found this flimsy and decided it would work perfectly for Danny! This flimsy was finished in January 2022 for Melva's Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail SAL I was first attracted to her SAL after reading Wendy's post in May 2021 and ultimately joined the SAL in September. You can read about the flimsy finish here

The flimsy was not large enough for a lap-sized quilt, so I added a
couple of borders using the same fabrics I used in some of the blocks.

The backing was pieced from some of my vintage stash plus a panel from the "Elizabeth's Dowry" line by Marcus Fabrics (originally intended for a quilt I never made) that coordinates with the front fabrics.

I did a meander with Longmire and bound it with the same green check as the border.
I hope to post a photo of Danny and his quilt after John and Jenni visit him again.

Jack carefully inspected every seam

Quilt Details
Pattern: Melva's Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail blocks
Finished size: 59" x 73"
Laundered size: 57" x 70"

Front: Several fabrics from Elizabeth's Dowry
Back: Panel and fabrics from Elizabeth's Dowry; vintage fabric from stash
Binding: Green Plaid from Elizabeth's Dowry

Piecing: Superior Threads So Fine #50 in 502 Genoa Gray
Quilting: Top - Glide 10WG1 in Linen; Back - Superior Threads Magnifico in Ingot
Batting: Quilters' Dream Cotton Mid Loft

I am linking to Brenda's Monday Musings and Melva's Sew and Tell!


  1. that was nice of you to make him a quilt - hope your daughter is happy

  2. I'm so happy for your daughter! How nice she and her FIL have become friends too. The quilt is lovely and a wonderful gift. I hope you can meet him in person someday, happy stitching!

  3. That's a beautiful finish, Linda! Your color choices for the blocks fit a quilt that's based on history. I really like how your light sashing and border make the blocks float! I bet Danny will love this!

  4. This quilt is just so beautiful, Linda. I love its name as well. Wonderful photos of the happy couple too.

  5. What a wonderful gift for him. I love the blocks!

  6. I was glad to read that the back of Danny's quilt was a panel. I was thinking that it looked brutal!!

  7. Lovely work Linda and I enjoyed hearting about the whys and wherefores. It is so good when someone wants a quilt.

  8. How sweet that you finished this quilt for Danny! I am sure he will love it and appreciate all your hard work. A very nice way to welcome the new in-law.

  9. How wonderful to find the perfect home for your Santa Fe quilt!

  10. That was such a sweet thing to do for Danny. Doesn't feel good when someone wants one of your creations? Looking foward to seeing the picture of Danny with his quilt.

  11. Wow ...LOVE that beautiful quilt and I will check out the wedding pics.

  12. That is so sweet!!! and that he was interested in a quilt as well - warms your heart!! you chose a wonderful quilt for him!!!

  13. Sampler type quilts are so fun! Always interesting fabrics and so much to look at. The backing is wonderful. A great use of a panel from the stash!

  14. What a sweet story and it is destined for someone who really wants it!

  15. Hello there! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Your Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail came out so very pretty! Love those colors! And your backing! Wow! He now has a reversible quilt! Those blocks are stunning! Great job! 😊

  16. What a fantastic finish, Linda!! I look forward to seeing the photos of Danny with this beautiful quilt. I'm ashamed to say, all my fabric for Pieces of the Past are still in the project bag! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings!

  17. Sorry for the late comment, but I love the finish to your Santa Fe quilt! I haven't put my top together yet (yeah, I know!!), so you've given me some ideas on how to finish mine! Congrats to Jenni and John, too!


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