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Monday, September 18, 2023

Sewing Space Tour

I've been busy! One of my favorite pastimes is rearranging, reorganizing, making more space by consolidating, and generally making the best use of our space. I posted a mini tour of my space in 2021, you can see that right here. Quite a bit has changed since then, but this past month has seen bigger changes, so come along with me for a little history and tour of the current setup.

Painting and moving in - October 2020
When we moved here in October 2020, I took the "back" bedroom as my sewing room. The real estate listing indicated it was 10 feet wide by 15 feet long, but after I moved in I realized that the 10 feet extends only for the door entry, so in reality the room is 9 feet wide.

Brand new Longmire -  August 2021
 After I acquired Longmire the longarm almost a year later, the space began to be a little tight and cluttered. I had already thought many times about swapping rooms with our guest bedroom to give our (not-so-frequent) guests more privacy as well as allowing them to be closer to the guest bathroom. I thought I could figure out a way to share space too, so it seemed the perfect time to make the switch.

I measured pieces of furniture in each room and spent a couple weeks plotting out different arrangements for each room on Excel. When I had a final plan, I moved pieces one at a time. It took two weeks, and it was physically challenging for me. I disassembled and reassembled Longmire, mostly by myself, but Hubs wrangled the heavy carriage. I took apart the cutting table to get it through the doors. I got help when I needed it, but mostly did it myself and with a feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment. Come on along for the photo-heavy tour!

The hall looking toward the new guest room in the back, with sewing room to the left.
Guest bathroom is the far door on the left next to the guest room.

Come on into my sewing room!

Not as pretty a view out the window, but I have plans to put a garden out there!

Looking left - Longmire's new home!
Flannel is waiting to be stapled to the design wall behind Longmire

Cutting table area, mini quilts, and my favorite painting by Helen at Word Weaver Art!

Sewing machine space. That's my Granny Mitchell's old clock on the file cabinet.

Window and closet. See the new window ledge perch (lower left) for the kitties!

Tools and file cabinet

Crafts, needlework supplies, and batting sharing space with our printer and vacuums

Back out the door

And on to the "new" guest bedroom

The kitties like the new guest room. Cat condo will be moved when guests are here.

Some of the wall decor stayed, and I added the Peace Rose wall hanging.

Fabric shelves had to stay in the room. Hubs wants to make me some new shelves!

What guests will see from the bed. Console houses seasonal quilts.

Guest closet - yarns, UFOs, Christmas fabrics, books, magazines, and antique linens.

Guest bathroom door is blocked by quilt holder (made by my DIY guy)
since  there is another bathroom door right outside the room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. it looks like you have made great use of your space! I think we all wish we had a whole "studio" but in reality it just isn't something most of us can half is it.

  2. Loved the tour Linda. The newly assigned guest bedroom looks very welcoming and your newly assigned sewing room looks fabulous. May you have many happy times within. I do have one bedroom for sewing but mainly storage and my sit down Q20 Bernina. Then I cut and sew out in my sun porch kind of area where it is warm enough in winter, too cold in the bedroom!

  3. That looks like a great rearrangement, Linda! A place for everything and so neat and tidy. It's fun to see what you have up on the walls, too. I bet your guests will like being farther down the hallway by themselves, too. Good thing there's a spot for the kitties as well! Enjoy your new space!

  4. What a fun tour to go with my coffee this morning!

  5. Oh I love sewing room tours! I get so many ideas from them :) Love your special kitty spots... and how both rooms are functional and pretty! Thanks so much for sharing with us! xx

  6. I would say your room swap was a success! You made efficient use of each space. The guest room looks comfy and welcoming. It is nice you have such spacious closets in those rooms.

  7. I love this post. I have been in a cleaning frenzy in my space and it was fun to see how you arranged your areas. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing your space. I like to see sewing people who use and repurpose furniture. It makes things so unique and interesting. Love all the wall art in both spaces. One thing our home lacks is wall space. Or maybe I’ve just used it all up already! 😄. You have fabulous closets. I’m a little jealous! . Thanks again for the tour!

  9. It looks MAGNIFICENT! You must feel so good about yourself. Guestrooms! Don’t get me started. My late husband used to be all about guestrooms. It didn’t matter that there would be years when we would have no guests, and at most would only have a guest for five days out of the 365 a year. No, he had to have a guestroom. I couldn’t explain to him, and get through, that the occupants of the home are more important than mythical guests. At my age, they can stay at a hotel. There are plenty nearby, and darned nice ones. My home is all about me, and I am not going to be cramped anywhere.

  10. It's just charming! And functional and comfortable and inviting! I love seeing it. (And, I love seeing the painting there!)

  11. Thank you for this wonderful tour, Linda. You have a beautiful house and have worked hard to make your sewing spaces beautiful too. Also practical...I like how you can see your things for stitching but especially items with sentimental value scattered about too. You have decorated it all beautifully. And it will be fun to grow a garden outside your window too.

  12. I love seeing your new space! I like that you left some things in the old room and love the mix of old and new in your room. It has taken me days to get to this post, but I am so excited for you. New space, always inspires!

  13. Lovely redo of the studio! And I love how the Jo Morton quilt looks so different with the change of sashing colors.

  14. What fun to see your new space as well as the guest room! You've done well, it all looks so cozy and inviting! Isn't it fun to be in your new space? Enjoy! Love seeing Helen's painting and your Granny's clock!


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