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Sunday, February 4, 2024

Squirrel-Spired Scrappy RSC Blocks

January RSC blocks
Happy February! After a break from the RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) I've been feeling the tug to jump in again. The time must be right, because with just a few encouraging words from Diann and Judy, I was lured back in. So thank you ladies!

Kaleidoscope, RSC quilt made in 2021
I have RSC blocks from previous years in my closet waiting to be used, but I did use several in Kaleidoscope, a donation quilt, in 2021 (pictured above, with post details right here). RSC is hosted by Angela at So Scrappy, who has linkups to share progress during the month. Although I won't join the linkups, I will informally follow along with her monthly color picks. The color for January was green, so I raided the scrap bins to make a few blocks. 

Shimmer Star scrappy version
I like the pattern for this block from Moda Block Heads 5. It is in Group 2, called Shimmer Star by April Rosenthal. The scrappy version is not as alluring to me as the more uniform ones I see on Facebook and Instagram, but I still like it.

Double Irish Chains
I was squirrel-spired by Diann's chains and found an Irish chain I wanted to try. 

Antique Tiles
I found another squirrel-spiration on Libby's blog - the Antique Tile block. Libby's blocks are so pretty I just had to try a couple.

Then I saw that Michele had posted a link to a different way to make Antique Tiles. I am hooked on these easy blocks and have made several of them. They are a "disappearing 9-patch" version, always an interesting process in my book. For these blocks I am primarily using yardage I won in a giveaway by Alycia at Quilty Girl! I hope to have a post up soon about these fun blocks.

While I was at it, I reorganized the green scrap bin and found some green strips that were too small to use for blocks, so those went into a string block!

Before and After
Let me tell you, I was heartily sick of green when I got done. My greens are just not that pretty. Many of them were in the "what were you thinking" category. But at least a few of them got used, and now my green bin looks a little neater.

Red is the color for February, so today I will see what inspiration I find in my red/pink bin!


  1. Hi Linda! I don't think it was very hard for Diann and Judy to twist your arm into returning to the RSC fun! And I can see why you wanted to return. I love your Shimmer Star, and who doesn't like a good 'ole Irish Chain?! HAHA - what were you thinking category. We had a whole bunch of that fabric and I took it over to the Purple Heart donation site. I know I could have sent it on to another quilter, but then they would have wondered what we were thinking when we bought it! Don't wear yourself out on reds, please. You also need to give yourself permission to purchase some new pretty greens. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Your quilt blocks are beautiful Linda and I must say the Shimmer Star is my favorite out of all your blocks, I think it’s the color choices of the fabric. You are so very talented my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Tina! I love that block too.

  3. I love those green blocks! I think the string blocks work so well for the RSC challenges, and your antique tile blocks would be great for scrap busting! Have a good week Linda!

  4. I always love a peek into the workspace organizations. Love your color bins!

  5. You made some fun blocks with those greens. Looking forward to seeing what come out of your red scrap bin.

  6. Do you keep all your scrap fabrics in bins this size? I am thinking of rearranging my shelves in some way to get the fabric out from under the quilting frame and thinking and thinking on what to do

  7. I think we all end up with those 'what were we thinking' fabrics, I hear cutting them into small pieces helps use them up. Have fun with your reds this month.

  8. I love your green blocks! I have a plan and a bag of green...still waiting for attention. Love the organization, too, and with my combining studios I need to step it all up a notch. Your blocks are really great and following along casually will have to be how I work these first few months...too many things on the list to do!

  9. I felt that way about my greens this year, too, Linda - just not very pretty greens - but when you put them in a rainbow quilt, everything works! I really enjoyed seeing all your blocks, especially the Double Irish Chain blocks. I love those designs!

  10. Oooh you're back in the sewing room, yay!! Love all those blocks, so pretty on your design wall! xx

  11. Love your green blocks!!! I am saving the Moda blocks for later in the year after SAHRR is done. Too much going on right now.

  12. Linda you have been busy with all these scrap blocks. I find greens a strange colour when quilting, I end up too with a lot I am not sure what to do with. So many different shades of it. The Antique tiles are going to be lovely, "disappearing nine patch" is such fun. I thought I recognised Shimmer Star there, it looks great, imagine a whole top of them, I think they'd look good.

  13. Green is my very favorite color, so I loved seeing the green square with all those different patterns and shades. Making a quilt, or at least a quilt block, or perhaps a placemat (L O L!) is on my bucket list. Here’s hoping I live long enough to accomplish it.

  14. You jumped back in well!!! I like all those greens - I think the muted ones are pretty ( weird right haha) GO you!! Enjoy Red!!

  15. Oh, Linda your blocks look amazing. I am drawn to the Antique Tiles and the Strippy blocks. Well shucks , I am drawn to them all. I look forward to following your progress. I hope to jump back into the RSC too. Happy Quilting. Hugs.

  16. So very much enjoyed seeing your array of green blocks. Several of the patterns caught my eye and I've noted them. I am not a big green fan either and find I usually only reach for them when making leaves!

  17. I'm late in checking in. You have been really busy with all those green blocks and such variety! I know what you mean sometimes when I look at my scraps. They're in the scrap bin because they aren't lovely but I need to use them up. I love the design of the Moda Blockheads 5 block. I'm going to have to try that one. I think my favorites are the string blocks. Such a simple block but it always has a story to tell.

  18. I decided to join in with RSC this year as well, but don't know if I'll make all the linky parties. I still need to get my February blocks done, and time's a wastin'! Your green blocks are so pretty!


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