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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Stay At Home Round Robin Border 5

Wonky Stars was the border selected for this week's SAHRR by Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life. My first thought was Oh I'll skip this one - mainly because of our crazy weather week, but also because "wonky" has never been my thing. Then I saw that Wendy said we could use regular stars if we wished. OK good, I thought. Then I read that she asked us to make "one wonky star" just for her. Well OK Wendy I can do that if it will make you happy - lol!

First of all, I redid my checkerboard border from last week, as I was quite dissatisfied with it. This time I put more effort into it, and now I'm pleased. I added it to the top and bottom of my quilt and then was able to anchor the corners with the wonky stars.

I am probably the only quilter ever who doesn't know how to do wonky, but I really thought wonky was going to be a breeze,. Boy was I wrong! I confidently made my first batch of stars then quickly realized I had cut off the star points. After (finally!) reading a couple of tutorials, I saw the problem, but I still had trouble; however I only cut off one star point this time. The stars aren't just wonky, they look deformed - ha-ha! I think part of the problem is that I was making tiny stars. The star block needed to be at 3 inches UN-finished, and that meant I was working with 1-3/8 inch squares and even smaller triangles of fabric for the stars. And no matter how often I consulted the tutorials, I still couldn't grasp how to make the stars look right. BUT, I learned from the experience, and yes Wendy, I did enjoy in spite of being clueless! I would like to try it with larger squares sometime.

My quilt is showing some "waves" on one side. Does anyone else have this issue? Although I haven't pulled or stretched to fit, maybe it is the result of mis-measuring pieces to make pieces of the border fit together?  I might redo that side this week.

Be sure to check out other participants' wonky stars at Wendy's linky!


  1. Thanks for making the wonkies, even when you don't really do wonky - I love them! I like the redone checkerboard, too! It's looking great!

  2. Great job giving the wonky stars a try! I think cut off points are okay, since they're wonky, right?!

  3. I think my wonky stars have some points cut off, too. Good for you for figuring out how to fix that problem! I'm loving how your round robin is progressing, Linda! The colors are just gorgeous.

  4. When cutting your border to prevent stretching try cutting the border strips parallel to the selvage. When doing strip piecing cut them the same way prevents the problem from happening. Additionally if you wash your fabrics get some spray sizing befor cutting the borders. Make any sense? Hugs.


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