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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

To-Do Tuesday


Yes that is minus 3!

I am joining in with Chris at ChrisKnits and other folks for To-Do Tuesday! Due to snow, record low temperatures, rotating outages, and no water last week, I spent little time online  so this post is about my goals from my February 9 To-Do Tuesday and I shall pretend last week didn't happen! Fortunately everything is back to normal, and we even got the "all-clear" on having to boil water yesterday!

Brief respite between snow bands

A trip to Bonham to get water and Dairy Queen!

Our actual snow was only four inches or so, but most of Texas got even more and in areas that rarely see snow and sub-freezing temperatures. Even our son and family north of Houston were out of power for 3 days! We feel grateful that things were not as dire here as in other areas, and we continue to pray for all those still affected by the storm.

So I am back to business in the sewing room! Here is my list from February 9:

1. Sandwich and start quilting roses quilt - no progress

2. Sandwich and start quilting Meadowland quilt - no progress

3. Add checkerboard border for SAHRR - DONE and posted here (and I have already changed it!)

4. Continue to work on Exploding Heart quilt - no progress

5. Continue to work on crochet afghan - no progress

6. Finish Squirrel - progress - I have it sandwiched and partially quilted

Riley Blake Quilt Block Challenge block 3

I did finish a couple of things that were not on my list. One is the above block for Riley Blake Quilt Challenge, and the other is my 2021 Monthly Color Challenge block, which will be in an upcoming post.

My list for this coming week:

1. Finish yellow blocks for RSC

2. Finish quilting Squirrel

3. Sandwich flower quilt

4. Sandwich Meadowland quilt

5. Finish making blocks for Exploding Heart quilt

We are off to our first appointments with a new doctor this morning, and you know that means filling out reams of paperwork. I hope you will check out the other posts at ChrisKnits


  1. Interesting weather to be sure! I'm glad you didn't have any damage from the storm. The news is full of stories of flooded homes from burst pipes. As miserable as we were last week, we are counting our blessings. I am ready to stop boiling water though. That is getting old but we haven't gotten the all clear yet.

  2. Good luck with the snow, and the new doctor. Lovely block, even if it was not on the list ;)

  3. We will give you a pass since you were dealing with a lot more important stuff last week! Oh wait, we are forgetting last week. LOL! good luck with your list and thanks for linking with To-Do!

  4. Wow, what a week you have had, but so glad that weather nightmare is no longer, and the clean up can begin. You have some fun things lined up to work on, and I'm curious to see how you changed your border on RR.

  5. I'm glad to hear you're back on track this week! We had 5 days, a couple of years ago, without electricity and heat, due to an ice storm and it was extremely rough going, so I can about imagine how tough things were.

  6. Up here in KS we went from -29 windchill & lots of snow last week to mid-60's by this past Monday & snow completely melted--crazy temp swing! I can put up with anything as long as it's not a prolonged power outage. Years ago an ice storm put us without power for 5 days. I love winter but that is NO fun!

  7. I’m so glad that things are returning to normal for you. Not having any water would be horrible. I understand how bad it is to not have heat, but no water? Yikes! I just noticed that you’re a national weather service weather spotter. That is so cool!

  8. Amazing what Texas has been going through. -3 ...oh no thank you. Always love seeing what u are working on.

    1. Hi Sandy - well, we certainly didn't get as much snow as you are used to! Take care.

  9. Phew! You made it though that strange TX weather! I laughed though when you mentioned a trip to DQ! Brrrr if you purchased ice cream! Now on to quilting.

  10. So glad you are OK now. We lost water for 2 1/2 days and 4 hours of no electricity Hugs


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