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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

To-Do Tuesday, August Color Challenge, And An Announcement!

From the front: Granddaughter #2, DIL, Papaw/Hubby, Granddaughter #1, Grandson #1,
Grandson #2 on Son's lap, me, Daughter, and Granddaughter #3.

Whew that was a fast week! Our kids have come and gone and it was just a blur of laughing and talking and eating. The sleeping situation was not the best, but they are a kind and tolerant bunch - lol! Because our guest rooms have become my sewing room and my husband's office, everyone was bedded down in our living room on the recliner sofas and an air mattress. Turns out the sofa recliners aren't the best sleeping options (although we fall asleep on them regularly - ha!), so we will get another air mattress for their Christmas visit!

If you have a second, watch this video of Everett with his contagious belly laugh
while playing with cousin Brandon!

Laney loves the quilt I made for her (quilt details right here)

As far as sewing? Not much got done, but that's OK! Here was my list last week:
1. Work on piecing a backing for Exploding Heart - No Progress
2. Start on Welcome Autumn cross stitch - No Progress. I did get this lighted magnifier from Joann to help me see the 28ct squares!
3. Continue to big-stitch on RBD quilt - No Progress. While at Joann's I got this lap frame to give me better access to each block.
4. Continue to stitch and piece on Christmas project - No Progress
5. Continue to make Dash-Along blocks - No Progress

Mushroom blocks for August Color Challenge

Here is what I did get done. Each month Jen at Patterns by Jen hosts a color challenge, and 2021 is based on colors of fruits and veggies. The color for August drew inspiration from "mushrooms", and with that I got to rifle through my brown and tan scraps. I am really enjoying Jen's patterns, and this one was easy. Each month a free pattern is offered with instructions for 6-inch and 12-inch included. I made the 6-inch size yesterday and was only going to make one, but it was so cute I had to make another one!

See more "mushroom" blocks right here at Patterns by Jen.

My goals are simply the same as last week, and I should be able to make some progress. I have included time for a Squirrel-spiration, and more on that later! Hint: think "fall" and "plaidish". 😉

This week you can find more inspiration for To-Do Tuesday right here at the blog of Chris at Chris Knits. After today, Chris will be stepping down as host of To-Do Tuesday and I will try very hard to fill her awesome shoes. She has been a wonderful host -  funny and kind and supportive - and we will all miss her. Thank you so much Chris!

Be sure to check back here at Texas Quilt Gal next Tuesday for the first September To-Do Tuesday!


  1. How wonderful to have your children and grandchildren visit for a week! I know what it's like to have a house full, air mattress are wonderful for sleeping arrangements. Thanks for taking over To Do Tuesday! Happy stitching!

  2. Thank you for stepping up Linda. Your family is so beautiful. Especially the little one with the infectious laugh!
    Have a great week - Hugs

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time with your family all there, and I bet no one cared where they slept! Great photos and such a cute video of the grandsons, too. I'll have to check out that lap frame - I've been thinking I need something like that. Thanks so much for taking over To-Do Tuesday - Chris sounded pretty overwhelmed - and you'll be a great hostess!

  4. Owo Linda, what a beautiful (linda in Portuguese) Family. Glad your home was full of loved ones. Laney's quilt is lovely.
    The Mushroom blocks look great.
    See you next Tuesday.I'll be here.

  5. What a beautiful family, Linda! It's so wonderful you all had time together! Thanks for sharing this sweet belly laugh video! One of my twin grandsons had such an infectious belly laugh when he was a baby. I loved tickling him while changing his diapers! LOL Your granddaughter looks so sweet with her quilt. Thanks SEW much for taking on the hosting of To-Do Tuesday!! Have a blessed week!

  6. Love seeing your family - great photo and must have been a blast having them all there. Reminds me of the time over Thanksgiving last year we had kids and adults all over the place sleeping, recliners, air mattresses, etc. Your house I have a feeling is a lot bigger than our small place in the mountain and I have to say I hope we don't go through that again, lolol. A few at a time for us. Love your quilting. The video is so cute of his laugh.

    1. Thank you Sandy! Your family get-together in the mountains sounds like so much fun. We had an all-family Thanksgiving like that back in the 1990s but we were in a bigger house. We still had people on "pallets" and sofas, but we didn't care. Our house now is 1750sf, so much smaller than the 3400sf one we had back then.

    2. that's still a good size. We came from a 4000 sq foot (every house we had we added on, geez..the money we would have saved, lol) we sold downsizing to a 1100 sq ft rental. We decided we never wanted to buy again. My thought ...we would move every few years and try something different and then prices went up and we have stayed but we like it where we are. And now prices have soared in so cal. probably where you are too.

  7. Nice to see the family photo, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time, despite the sleeping situation. Yay for taking over for Chris - maybe I'll try to get a post done for next week, I've kinda of dropped off on those, for no reason other than I just didn't get them done.

    1. I hear you on the no posting. I almost missed the entire month of August ! Doing better for this month so far. Keep posting and stay safe and sew on!

  8. What a great family picture Linda! It is one to print and frame!
    Good luck with your new link up responsibility each week - I know lots of quilters like having it as a way to organize their projects for the short term. :-)

  9. Great family pic! Bravo for stepping in and taking over. We all appreciate it!

  10. I think I look at your blog posts as much for the fabric as for what you do with it. I love the mushroom blocks and fabric used. Those neutral colors really appeal to me, and you know how I feel about fabric with text.

  11. Those moments of joy with family are priceless, as is Everett's belly laugh. Congrats on the new gig - you will do a great job.

  12. Hi Linda! I meant to ask if you need any help making your new To-Do image into a button. I've copied it and am going to add it to my blog sidebar. Just say the word if you'd like some code. Thanks for taking up the reins AND even more, sharing the wonderful photos. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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