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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

To Do Tuesday 2-14-23

Happy Valentine's Day, which also happens to be To Do Tuesday! This is the day we get to share our accomplishments and plans, and it is hosted by the lovely Carol of Quilt Schmilt, who provided the platform for 34 participants to link up last week!

NOT my quilt, but isn't it pretty!
No, that is not MY quilt up there, but here's the story: Last week in the midst of being unmotivated, I innocently read Maggie's post on Making A Lather. I casually glanced at a photo she had of a pattern she was starting with a friend. I was instantly on Squirrel Alert! I clicked on the photo to see it up close, noted the name and author of the pattern, and off I went. The pattern is Kristals, a 2010 pattern from Karen Comstock of Quiltricks, and I have already received it! I have no idea when I will start it, but I love looking at the pattern.

Riley Blake Designs Challenge Block #5
Last week I substituted a churn dash block for Block #4, and wouldn't you know that Block #5 turned out to be a churn dash too - lol! I just had to fussy cut a kitty for the center of this one.

Playing with layouts for the 128 HSTs made from the Cross My Heart scraps

My goals last week:
❌1. Back, sandwich, and quilt Cross My Heart - Nada
❌2. Add hourglass blocks to SAHRR - Nope
✅3. RBD challenge block - Yes! See above photo.
❌4. Sewcialites blocks - No, and I am taking this off my list for awhile
✅5. Play! - Of course!

This week's playlist:
1. Backing pieced and Cross My Heart sandwiched
2. Catch up on SAHRR
3. RBD challenge block
4. Play!
I am linking this post to Carol's To Do Tuesday linkup, right here.


  1. Love your heart quilt celebration for Valentine's Day. Like your experimenting with the half square triangles, always a challenge to see what you can do with them.

  2. Crystals is a lovely quilt full of colors, very spring! You did a great jog fuzzy cutting the cat for the Churn Dash block, Linda. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. That is a pretty new pattern you got, Linda - it's definitely meant for Spring sewing! I can see why you had to get it! Love the fun kitty in the center of your RBD block. Playing around with scrappy leftovers is a lot of fun, too - I'll enjoy seeing what you do with those HSTs!

  4. Happy Valentines Day Linda. I always look forward to seeing what treasures you have in your post. Today is no different. Hearts in Formation is one of my favourite heart quilts I have ever seen so it's nice to see it again. Your blocks do look so cute. I'm trying to ignore that squirrel that attacked you but I keep seeing it everywhere (including a copy of the photo in my Want To do List). Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. I hope your day is special and your week is filled with fabric fondling and fun.

  5. LOL, I wondered when I saw the Churn Dash how you knew it was going to be a Churn Dash. LOL!!

  6. Love your fussy cut churn dash block. I'm sad you are not pursuing Sewcialites at this time but look forward to when you do decide to pick it up. Good luck with next week's list!

  7. Kristals is a lovely pattern, but I especially love Hearts in Formation. Wouldn't that make a pretty baby quilt? Not that I have any need for a baby quilt. I think my granddaughters are done building their families.
    Good luck with your "play list" this week.

  8. I love that Heart quilt from 2021! Fabulous. Liking you cute churn dash block as well. Kitty in the center is perfect!!! 128 is a lot of HST. You must be having a blast! Looking good!

  9. That Kristals quilt is indeed beautiful, and I really like your hearts quilt at the top of the post.

  10. Your Hearts in Formation is really pretty, perfect for the holiday. I say that quilt on Maggie's block, it's a beauty. Good luck with your list this week.

  11. You heart quilt is a perfect Valentine's quilt. And Squirrels! I have bought two new patterns recently, who knows when I'll ever get to them. But too pretty to resist!

  12. Pretty here quilt! Nothing like a Squirrel to get you motivated! (As you see I am late in commenting).


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