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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Getting Settled In North Texas

We are finally in north Texas! We moved in last Friday and are now living with boxes. About all I can do is stack them as neatly as possible, because this week the inside of the house is being painted. The painters have asked us to leave boxes unpacked so they can pile everything in the middle of rooms while they paint.

A few of the things we love about our house: the kitchen with new appliances and new granite and tall, roomy cabinets, the high beamed ceiling in the family room, tall windows (albeit dirty!) throughout the house, covered patio, roomy garage, attic storage, and a big back yard for the grandkids!

It is a big change from south Texas, and I love the cooler weather and low humidity. When you walk out our front door and look to the south (left), there is an open pasture with cows, and I love the big open sky.

Now for the dark side: due to a late appraisal - and I'm trying to be as kind as possible here - and the ex-owners moving out very late and not finishing some promised repairs and clean-up, there were major hiccups regarding our move-in. Our moving expenses increased due to storage, and we had nowhere to go with four cats and a dog, so our agent kindly provided his in-laws rental house for two nights. The house was empty, but it was relaxing and peaceful, exactly what we needed in the midst of all the stress.

Living in a rental house for two days turned out to be a welcome respite from the craziness

The rental house is on 65 acres and very peaceful

Due to living 250 miles away prior to the move, we only saw the house once before we moved in, and of course we didn't notice the dirty condition of the walls and baseboards, the filthy blinds, and the toilets - yuck! So the first thing we did was find a contractor to repair and paint the walls and baseboards as we cleaned toilets and replaced the seats. We are removing the blinds and will install cellular shades. And our sweet daughter wants to bring her spin mop and clean the floors after the painting is done - lol!

Our daughter, son-in-law and two youngest grands, who live 55 miles away (much better than 250!), came over Saturday to help us. Our 4 year old granddaughter started pre-K last week and loves it. Our 17 month old grandson likes to jabber and play with trucks. It will be wonderful to get to watch them grow up as we did our other three, who are now 21, 19, and 17!

As much I long to be in it, my sewing room is low priority right now. The painters are working their way from one side of the house to the other, and the sewing room was painted yesterday. Hopefully by next week I'll be blogging from in front of that window you see in the photo above!