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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

To Do Tuesday 8-30-22

Welcome to the last To Do Tuesday of August! Join in the fun by clicking the link below to share you goals or playlists for the week. Link is open on Tuesday mornings at 12:01am and closes on Mondays at 11:59pm. I apologize for the late linkup last Tuesday! Thank you for putting up with my forgetfulness and for being faithful to link up each week. I do enjoy your posts so much!

The playlist for last week:
✅1. Doctors' appointments - Done, with more scheduled this week
✅2. Get ready for visitors Saturday - Done and we had a blast!

L-R: Hubs, me, our daughter, DIL, granddaughter #2, son (in back), grandson #1, granddaughter #1 with the two Littles - grandson #2 and granddaughter #3 - and the back of doggy Baker's head

Our son and DIL and two oldest granddaughters drove from south Texas on Saturday, joined by our oldest grandson who lives in Dallas and our daughter who lives an hour away with our youngest grandson and granddaughter. We gorged on my husband's grilled chicken breasts and burgers, along with some sides and dessert, and had a great visit. We even had a pop-up thunderstorm! We are planning another get-together for Thanksgiving.

I did finish a crochet bed runner. I was going for an afghan, but runner size is as far as 9 skeins would take me. It has a new home on the end of the guest bed. You can read about my process right here. I even gave my two oldest granddaughters a crochet lesson!

In the sewing room, I finally got my project cut out for Get On Board With Sewing, which starts on September 1. My day is September 5 - be sure to come back for a giveaway!. I will also post a list of the bloggers you can follow each day. You can check out the details by clicking on the logo in my sidebar.

Here is my playlist for this coming week:
1. Finish Get On Board With Sewing project
2. Work on RSS quilt
3. Finish crochet hat
4. Work on The Wedding Quilt

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Monday, August 29, 2022

Crochet Bed Runner

This bed runner is a result of a squirrel or maybe more correctly called a "rabbit hole" that I traveled down after Karen at Quilts, Etc mentioned her yarn stash! Thank you Karen, I am having fun picking up the crochet hooks again.

The main yarn was hard to find - Lion Brand Mandala Thick & Quick in Thumbprint. It is a variegated yarn with deep slate blues and rich browns and golds. I ended up adding two skeins of Pocket Watch, with brown, purple-red, orange, and grey, and like the pop of color it provided.

I first tried some ridges with front post half double crochet, but my stitches were
too tight no matter what I did, so I switched to half double crochet.

I had 4 skeins of Thumbprint and quickly went through those, so I ordered 3 more on eBay. That particular colorway is no longer available and hard to find. When I did find it the price was more than I wanted to pay, so I added in 2 skeins of Pocket Watch and like the purplish red pop of color it added.

Unblocked size is 20 x 80, just perfect as a runner for our "new" guest room.
It does need to be properly blocked though!

FYI, I have been accepted as an affiliate of Lion Brand Yarn! You can find a logo link to their website in my sidebar, where I will keep you current with discounts and sales for crafting and project needs, especially with holidays coming up!

On to my next project - a crochet hat for winter! Looking forward to shaping this into a hat.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

To Do Tuesday 8-23-22

It's that time again! To Do Tuesday is the day we show our "To-Do" or "Playlists" from the past week and share our plans for the coming week. If you want to join in the fun, just click on the link below and follow the prompts to share you post. Need more information? Just click on the couple above for the To Do Tuesday information page.

These were things I hoped to accomplish last week:
1. Sandwich and start quilting The Wedding Quilt
2. Sandwich and start quilting RSS quilt
3. Continue to work on Get On Board With Sewing project

I did some work on a crochet project and ended up "frogging" the circular afghan pattern I started because it was "ruffling" to much to ever lie flat. So I am back to my old standby - single crochet. I did get my two embroidery patterns traced and floss picked out, and those are also in my "TV bag" for evening work. We've been watching Better Call Saul at night. We watched a season or two years ago but never could really get into it, but now we are really enjoying it.

This week will involved getting ready for family on Saturday. Our son and family will be here one night, and our daughter and  The Littles will come for the day - we can't wait! We have been busy turning the office back into a guest bedroom. My husband made the decision to sell his big desk, buy a smaller one, and office out of our bedroom so we could have a better sleeping space for our guests. (Notice that I didn't offer to give up my sewing room.😳) The kitties are delighted to have another space for their naps.

This week's playlist:
1. Doctors' appointments
2. Get ready for visitors Saturday

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Friday, August 19, 2022

Fir Good Measure Christmas Quilt And Other Squirrels

At some point I saved this free pattern and tutorial from Fort Worth Fabrics and re-discovered it the other day when I was weeding out my bookmarks. I just think it's the cutest!

Christmas stash!

I auditioned and found good candidates from my Christmas stash

One of the riskiest activities for me is to visit other blogs. Thanks to other blogger "squirrel-spiration", now my squirrels even have their own page (see "Squirrel Alert" right below my header). Diann is a well-known squirrel-spiration for me, and others are being added to the alert list weekly. Nancy of Grace and Peace Quilting, Jocelyn at Canadian Needle Nana, Karen at Quilt's Etc, and yes, Diann at Little Penguin Quilts recently made the alert list!

Nancy is making RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) blocks using an Amy Smart pattern called Scrap Happy Rainbow Connection. I loved the scrappy look of Nancy's blocks (see them right here) and decided to purchase the pattern. I plan to use my scrap bins - not sure yet if I will make mine rainbow or not, but I probably should just to use up the most scraps.

NOT my blocks but aren't they pretty!

Jocelyn shared a link to the tutorial for those pretty pink string blocks (above photo) that The Quilting Cubby calls Diamond Strings. After making two blocks,  I realized I'm taking far too long to choose strings! Also I made some boo-boos, so I am going to try again, because I love the look of the blocks.

Karen merely posted a photo of her yarn stash, and that sent me to mine to pick up a circular afghan I've been wanting to make. I am crocheting in the evenings now that I can see again - lol! I'm using  Mandala Thick & Quick, and I've already gone through one skein of the four I have, so I ordered another three. Karen also mentioned Janie Crow's patterns, and that was another squirrel for me. Go look at Janie's website, all her designs are gorgeous! I purchased the Mystical Lanterns Blanket - I think it will be my next project.

Kathy Schmitz patterns!

Diann always has such cute embroidery going on, and her pretty teacup and flowers sent me to the Kathy Schmitz website, where I succumbed to the lure of some Christmas embroidery patterns - Winter's Brew and Noel. I'm off to Hobby Lobby later today to pick out some floss.

In other news, we got some very badly needed rain yesterday - almost an inch - and the 100+ temperatures seem to be behind us, fingers crossed. Our front garden has greened up overnight! More rain is in our forecast for the weekend and into next week.

I am linking this post to Joy's Monday This and That and to Melva's Sew and Tell.
Happy Fri-yay and hope you enjoy your weekend!
Tuesday, August 16, 2022

To Do Tuesday 8-16-22

Welcome to To Do Tuesday! If that is a new term to you, just click on the logo above to find out more information, then come back here to link up at the end of this post!

Last week Bonnie commented about my "squirrel project page". She was referring to the name of the pattern on the piece of paper in my photo, but the phrase got me thinking - what a perfect name, and so I created a project page just for my squirrels! You may access it from the photo above or by clicking the "Squirrel Alert" link in the pages listed right under my blog name. Thank you Bonnie. 😁

Last week's goals were a bust. We had some other activities going on, so when I was in the sewing room, my focus was elsewhere. Squirrels ruled:
1. Sandwich and start quilting The Wedding Quilt
2. Sandwich and start quilting RSS quilt
3. Continue to work on Get On Board With Sewing project
✅4. Give in to the clamoring squirrels and just have fun - Done - I tried a few things and discarded one, but fun was had!

One of my "other activities" last week was baking. My husband and I love sourdough bread, either in a loaf or baguette. I kept a sourdough starter when I catered, back in the late 2000s, so I was familiar with the process. This time I made it easy on myself and purchased a "live starter" from Breadtopia, and it is excellent. All you do is feed it, and it bubbles and smells wonderful.

Then, after baguette inspiration and a recipe referral from Cheree, I made sourdough baguettes, and we are so happy with the results! Crisp crust -✔  Soft interior -✔ Nice tang -✔ Thank you Cheree!

I hope to finally get a few things done this coming week, so these are carry-overs:
1. Sandwich and start quilting The Wedding Quilt
2. Sandwich and start quilting RSS quilt
3. Continue to work on Get On Board With Sewing project

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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

To Do Tuesday 8-9-22

Good morning and welcome to To Do Tuesday, where we share events from our week and make plans for the coming week! Join us as by clicking on the link at the end of this post. Need more information? Just click on the busy couple above, and let me know if you have any questions.

My son and family!

Here's a little family update: Today is our second granddaughter's 19th birthday. She's the one on the right, next to my son. They celebrated her birthday early this past weekend at their favorite Mexican restaurant. She is not smiling her usual big smile because her boyfriend of three years broke up with her - by phone - the day before. Her second year in college starts next week. Our grandson (23) next to her has moved to Dallas (one hour from us!) into a condo with two of his friends, and he has a girlfriend who is attending law school in Oklahoma. Granddaughter #1 (21) has moved into an efficiency apartment at college and her junior year classes start next week - can you believe it is that time already! Our DIL is a counselor at a private high school, and our son works from home. They are all planning to visit us at the end of August!

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies

Beautiful new sourdough starter

In spite of the heat, I baked this past week! I attempted to make my own sourdough starter but it was unsuccessful, so I used the discard to make hamburger buns and some sourdough French bread loaves. I purchased some wonderful live sourdough starter from Breadtopia, and it was ready to go within a day! I can't wait to make "real" sourdough bread.

The cookies are peanut butter (mine with chocolate chips). This (slightly adapted) Jif peanut butter recipe used to be our standard, but I have found a new one we like even better. Here is my version - give it a try if you like soft peanut butter cookies with just a slightly crisp edge:

Big Soft Peanut Butter Cookies
1 stick salted butter, room temperature
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup peanut butter (not natural) - I use crunchy
1 large egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1-1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
Extra sugar, for rolling

Whip butter and sugars until fluffy. Add peanut butter, egg, and vanilla and mix until smooth. Whisk together dry ingredients and add to mixture until well blended. Scoop by heaping tablespoonfuls, roll into balls, roll in sugar, and place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Very lightly crisscross with fork dipped in sugar. Bake at 375 for 10-14 minutes, depending on how big your scoop is and if you like barely baked or slightly crisp. Let cool on cookie sheet. I always add a few semi-sweet chocolate chips to mine.

Here is my playlist from last week:
✔1. Piece backing, sandwich, and quilt RSS quilt - Partly done - I got it pieced!
❌2. Sandwich The Wedding Quilt - Not done - BUT it is all ready to spread out and sandwich. I put it off because it is big and I have to do it on the floor! 😒
✅3. Work on project for Melva and Brenda's September "Get On Board With Sewing" blog hop - Done and fun!
✅4. On Saturday, help our daughter with a few projects at her house then take her to lunch! (The Littles will be with their Dad) - We ended up staying with The Littles yesterday instead of visiting our daughter Saturday, in order for our her to go to a doctor's appointment yesterday. Lunch will have to wait until the next time The Littles stay with their Dad.

A Christmas squirrel may have entered my sewing room last week . . .

This list should keep me busy for the coming week:
1. Sandwich and start quilting The Wedding Quilt
2. Sandwich and start quilting RSS quilt
3. Continue to work on Get On Board With Sewing project
4. Give in to the clamoring squirrels and just have fun

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

To Do Tuesday 8-2-22

Welcome to To Do Tuesday on this first Tuesday in August! Today is the day we share our "playlists" or goals for the week and report on results of our efforts from the past week. If you are new to this event and would like to participate (and I hope you will!), just click on the couple above for more information.

I saw this on Instagram and thought it was so funny!

Last week's playlist:
✅1. Piece together The Wedding Quilt backing - Done!
✅2. Continue to sew RSS quilt rows together - Done - it's a flimsy! I ordered the perfect backing for it, and it arrived yesterday!
❌3. Make more Indiana Puzzle blocks when fabric arrives - Fabric is here but no progress
✅4. Stay with The Littles while our daughter has her annual physical on Friday - Done and fun!
✅5. If time allows, start on Moda's new Sew-Along - Letters to Santa! - I chose my letters and now need to decide what extra blocks to add

This week's playlist:
1. Piece backing, sandwich, and quilt RSS quilt
2. Sandwich The Wedding Quilt
3. Work on project for Melva and Brenda's September "Get On Board With Sewing" blog hop
4. On Saturday, help our daughter with a few projects at her house then take her to lunch! (The Littles will be with their Dad)

And now let's see your posts! Just click on the link below and add your post, then go visit other blogs to see what your friends have been up to - you'll laugh, fight off squirrels, and maybe even be inspired to finish something you've been putting off.

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