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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

To Do Tuesday 1-25-22

Can you believe it is the last To Do Tuesday in January? If you are new here, Welcome -  and join in by clicking on the link below this post. The link is open from Tuesdays at 12:01AM until the following Monday at 11:59PM.

My SAHRR Curves block

Here is how I did on my goals last week:
❌1. Wedding quilt blocks
❌2. RBD challenge block - need to catch up on blocks
✅3. SAHRR block - curves - done and posted here
✅4. Doctor appointments, errands, and babysitting while daughter does divorce mediation - done

Next week plans:
1. RBD challenge blocks
2. SAHRR block - diamonds
3. Wedding quilt blocks

Last Friday was mediation for our daughter's divorce. Our little grandson had a 24 hour virus with fever, so the decision was to do the mediation by video conference with the attorneys and mediator. Our daughter stayed in her bedroom with door closed, while we took care of the sick little guy. (He is better now!) The soon-to-be ex is mulishly inflexible (that's about as nicely as I can put it), and even the mediator commented on his temper and obstinacy and his haggling over furniture, which caused the mediation to go on over 9 hours! Our daughter received compliments on her calmness and level-headedness in the face of his attempts to bully her through the mediator. Thank God for the people skills of the mediator, because the results were better than we had anticipated. She still has many difficult challenges ahead and is going through a lot of "what-ifs" and worry and sadness right now, but she will be so much better off without him! The one thing they do agree on is that she will be the primary parent in joint custody. Now that the mediation is behind us, my mind is gravitating back to the sewing room! Thank you for "listening"! 😊

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

2022 Stay At Home Round Robin Border 1 - Curves

The prompt for the first border of the 2022 SAHRR is from the lovely Anja of Anja Quilts. Anja lead us off to a great start with the suggestion of "Curves", and her version is a beautiful block using convex and concave pieces.

My original block

In searching for an idea, I found inspiration in a layout diagram for the Huckleberry Quilt in the book Modern Rainbow by Rebecca Bryan. I used a small plate as my curve and fashioned 2-1/2 inch blocks of red print curves surrounded by white. They are sashed with a coordinating green/red print. Even though the curves are very gentle and not very pronounced, I like the "spinning" effect they give to the block.

The original block was a 15-1/2 inches square and now measures 19 inches square.

This prompt drew me to rifle through some of my quilt books for ideas - a very pleasant pastime - and creating the pieces without a pattern was a nice challenge. Sewing the curves brought back memories of "easing" in sleeves on the clothes that I sewed when I was younger. Thanks to Anja for a fun first round!

I am joining the linkup right here on Anja's blog, where you may find several beautiful versions of curves.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

To Do Tuesday 1-18-22

HI and welcome to To Do Tuesday, the day we share our week of projects, life, events, photos, crafts, tablescapes - you name it, we share it! If you want more information, just click on the lovely couple above.

I actually did get a few things done in the sewing room but no photos. We have some busy stuff going on right now, so I feel like the sewing room is beckoning like a bright light on a dark day! Hopefully over the weekend I will get some fun time in there.

My goals last week:
✅1. Continue to work on Wedding Quilt - the wedding was on Saturday, but I am still sewing on the "B" blocks. I notified the happy couple that I will be sending a handmade surprise sometime in the next month.
❌2. Finish borders for Santa Fe Trail flimsy - the flimsy is still waiting patiently
✅3. Reconsider 2021 Monthly Color Challenge blocks for a quilt - it will be shunted to the side for now

Goals for the coming week:
1. Wedding quilt blocks
2. RBD challenge block
3. SAHRR block - curves
4. Doctor appointments, errands, and babysitting while daughter does divorce mediation

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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

To Do Tuesday 1-11-22

If you are new to To Do Tuesday, just click on the logo above to find out more about it.
The linkup is at the end of this post, and it is open until Monday, Jan 16, 11:59PM.

Welcome to To Do Tuesday! Come on in with your coffee or tea and find out what your blogging friends have been doing this past week. Last week there were 35 linkups posted! I learn so much from your posts, and not just about your projects. I love reading about your lives, your activities, your families, your recipes, your ups and downs, and I even get great reading suggestions and TV recommendations. What a supportive and kind group you are! 

My goal last week:
✅1. Work on Wedding Quilt. - picked out a new pattern, cut all the pieces, chain pieced a few blocks

I only had one goal last week, but . . . a couple of squirrels made their way into the sewing room. One is the pretty embroidery pattern above from Carina's Craftblog - I am blaming this on Patricia since I saw it mentioned on her blog - lol! And I also started another QAL, and it is one I did last year and loved - the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge (see photo below). If you'd like to join in, you can find all the information you need by clicking the logo button in my sidebar.

Riley Blake Block Challenge - Daisy Chain block by Lori Holt. You can find the pattern here

The goals for this week:
1. Continue to work on Wedding Quilt
2. Finish borders for Santa Fe Trail flimsy
3. Reconsider 2021 Monthly Color Challenge blocks for a quilt

I will continue to post the link to Marsha's blog because of Inlinkz issues.

Now it's time for you to add your link below. If you schedule your posts ahead of time, the link opens at 12:01AM each Tuesday morning - at least that's when it opens when I remember to hit "Publish" on my post - lol! Be sure to check back after you link up and visit a few blogs!

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Monday, January 10, 2022

2022 Stay At Home Round Robin Center Block

Here is my center or "starting" block for the 2022 SAHRR! Last year I made a Christmas wall quilt, which you can read about here. The process is fun, with a different blogger providing prompts or suggestions each week for an added border. You can read more information by clicking the Stay At Home Round Robin button in my sidebar.

I chose an orphan Christmas block to be the center of my SAHRR quilt

This block is one I made in 2019, using a Moda pattern called Christmas Logs, and it was intended for a Christmas quilt I made that year.  I didn't fully read the instructions and missed the part where I was supposed to trim each unit of the log cabin as it was made. I ended up with a block that was larger than the other quilt blocks by three inches, measuring a whopping 15 inches square. So it became an orphan block until this morning! A girl can never have enough Christmas quilts, right?

I look forward to the first prompt next Monday! I am linking my post to Quilting Gail's linkup.
Tuesday, January 4, 2022

To Do Tuesday 1-4-22 - Happy 2022!

Welcome to the first To Do Tuesday in 2022! Our New Year's Eve PJ party was pretty tame, with us not being able to stay awake past 11:00 - lol! How are things going with you - have you made goals for 2022? I hope you will share with us by adding your post to the link party below. If you are new to this event, just click the logo above for more details.

Final blocks from 2021 Monthly Color Challenge hosted by Patterns by Jen

Here was my list of goals last week:
☑1. Wedding Quilt - cutting - I cut a few pieces then began to waffle about the pattern
✅2. Take down Christmas decorations - done last Tuesday, finished by 10:00am!
✅3. Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail - last block, layout, and post - done and posted here
✅4. Color Challenge layout and post - finished the block - no post but you can see the all the blocks in the photo above. These will likely become orphan blocks.

My goals this week:
1. Work on Wedding Quilt. 

The Wedding Quilt is a quilt for my great-nephew and his fiancée who are getting married this month. We have sent "regular" wedding gifts but I hope to complete a quilt for them by the end of the month. This will be my main focus in the sewing room for awhile. I'm still undecided on the "Sprinkling" pattern by Coriander Quilts, but I am using a layer cake of Vert Fusion by AGF against a background of Spotted Graphite by Zen Chic for Moda. The bride and groom like grays and sage-y greens, so I am hoping this will be to their liking. It will be different for sure!

Now it's time to share your stuff! Let us know what's going on in your world by adding your link below.

Because Inlinkz continues to have issues with Marsha's Spot, I will post her website for you to visit her blog. She may or may not have a post for To Do Tuesday, but here is her address just in case:

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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Pieces Of The Santa Fe Trail Flimsy

My first flimsy of 2022 is from the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail sew-along, hosted by Melva of Melva Love Scraps, who began this SAL in April. I joined in September, and you can read my first post about it right here. I enjoyed this SAL so much. Melva offered uniquely interesting block patterns with easy to follow instructions, and I loved reading the stories behind each block. She is considering another SAL for 2022, and I will certainly join in anything she starts!

I loved every single block and had fun choosing some of the vintage-y fabrics from my stash.

Melva has some very attractive layout options involving added borders, and I am mulling those, but for now this will become a UFO and a possible quilt for one of my nephews. Once I finish up I will post fabric and assembly details.

I am adding this post to the Pieces of the Santa Fe Trail linkup hosted by Melva. Thanks for hosting this fun sew-along, Melva!