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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Summertime Sewjo Is A No-Go

With many distractions this summer, my "sewjo" has been severely tested. Lately, keeping the garden watered during the high heat and mini drought has been a major task. Rain is in the forecast today and a tropical wave predicted for the weekend, so we are hopeful for some relief.

When Jen at Patterns by Jen posts new patterns for the Color Challenge, I immediately print them off and place them on my cutting table. Both June and July patterns had been sitting on the table for a few weeks, and yesterday all the stars aligned for me to work on them!

June featured the Mountain Bunting, a beautiful blue bird common to western US. Although my points weren't perfect, this block was a breeze to put together.

The beloved American Robin is the bird of the month for July. This block was a bit more time consuming but fun to assemble.

This post is linked to the Color Challenge linkup. Now on to the RSC blocks for June (pink) and July (dark blue)!


  1. Super cute blocks!! Great fabric match with the bird of inspiration! Love the grunge. Love the ginkgo leaves!

  2. You got your blocks done! Yippee! And they look great. Some days I have to really work to get my sewing mojo in gear (today may be one of them, I have cabin fever). You have some pretty dark blue prints!

  3. I love both of your color challenge blocks, Linda! The July "robin" block is really perfect. I need to sew my July block together - the parts are still sitting there on my sewing table! Hope you got some rain - it has been hot and dry here, too.

  4. well i like what i see so far! Nice - love the colors of the mountain bunting. Hope you get some relief from that tropical wave although won't there be some humidity. Hoping for you it is a cool breeze.

  5. I love the idea of a color challenge. I also love that fabric with the, what, ginko leaves? So pretty!

  6. It’s so neat to see what you find to interpret the birds each month! (As you know, I’ve been obsessed of late with the different sources of color inspiration.) I’m glad you got some time and energy in the sewing room. I think we got some of your weather. For reals. There a strong moist breeze from the south (!) and the temps are in the 90s. Oof! Usually when it’s this hot and humid, the air is still. So strange.

  7. Beautiful blocks, Linda. I love that peach wine colored fabric. So classy!!!


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